Wild Fancy Design makes handmade jewelry and unique accessories for fabulous folks of all genders. We launched this project to create expanded fashion options for queer people and to give people of all backgrounds a chance to express themselves and their identities. We make a lot of custom pieces and are thrilled to support queer self-determination, c/overt cruising, and unique gender identities and expressions through our work!

We are inspired to know that our pieces will go out into the world and brighten people’s days, start interesting conversations, help queers get dates, or help remind folks what someone’s pronoun is. Self-expression through fashion has always been an important part of queer identity- whether it’s about flagging, taking up space with your fabulous self, or defying gender norms.


We are committed to being thoughtful about our impact on everything around us- people, places, animals. So when we think of sustainability, we’re thinking about the materials that we use as well as the ways that we invest in our community. As queer artists committed to collective liberation, we’re always thinking about the materials that we use as well as the ways that we invest in our community. We donate our work to auctions and fundraisers for amazing community groups including Transgender Gender-variant and Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), Critical Resistance, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, and Peacock Rebellion. These groups are literally changing the world, and we love being able to support their powerful work. Learn more here.

Our unique look is grounded in this commitment to sustainability and interconnectedness. We primarily work with recycled raw or vintage brass because it allows us to create affordable, long-lasting jewelry that can be polished with nontoxic household items such as ketchup. Learn more about care tips here!


Whenever possible we use vintage or deadstock materials, including brass charms, findings, and crystals and semi-precious stones. These materials come from diverse sources, including a few old school jewelry industry resellers who don’t have much online presence- you have to go to their warehouses and dig through towering stacks of boxes. We really enjoy hunting for unusual treasures that add a unique flair to our work! 

Rather than using a chemical varnish, we polish our brass with a light coat of olive oil. We recycle our metal scraps and any other materials we can. Of course, this is all a work in process and we are always looking for ways to increase our impact and reduce our footprint.

We use recycled packaging that we decorate with hand-carved rubber stamps – we chose not to put our brand name on it in order to encourage people to reuse it for other purposes. And we’ve managed to score enough repurposed bubble wrap that we’ve never had to buy any in our many years of operation!


Wild Fancy was founded in 2013, though we’ve both been artists and crafters since our childhoods. Check out more of Lex’s work at LexNonScripta.com and Voula’s at GoldDustStudio.com

We are also co-founders of Magic Makers, a queer art, craft, and healing fair that takes place each December in Oakland CA/occupied Chochenyo Ohlone land.


We don’t foresee doing any in-person events in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Stop by to say hi virtually at
or send us an email.

We love hearing from you!


We’re always excited for the opportunity to support amazing community groups whose powerful work is creating pathways to new worlds. Check out our past community partners here!

Looking for a donation? Write us at hello at wildfancydesign.com and tell us more about who you are, what you’re looking for, and your timeline.



The Homegirl Box



Early to Bed (Chicago, IL)

Sassafras Mercantile (Kingston, NY)

The Plant Fairies (San Francisco, CA)


Wildcrafted Apothecary (Salmon Arm, BC)




Agnes and Edie (online + pop ups, based in Aotearoa, NZ)


To request our wholesale linesheet, write us at hello@wildfancydesign.com and let us know a little about your shop! Currently we are primarily offering only enamel pins and patches for wholesale.