Care Tips

Our jewelry is made of raw brass, which great because it is affordable and natural (not chemically plated), but since it’s a natural material (brass + zinc) it changes with time and exposure. Some people like the patina but if not, a little extra attention can bring back the shiny gold tone!

Here are some tips for keeping your brass shiny!

1. KEEP IT CLEAN- Wash occasionally with mild soap and water and pat dry. Polishing works much better on clean jewelry, so for best results..keep it clean! 

2. POLISH- Our favorite way to polish brass is with ketchup – the acid “eats” away any tarnish on the surface. Just put a thin layer of ketchup on the surface of the jewelry and let it sit for 20-60 seconds. You can also wipe it around *gently* with your hand or a soft cloth. Then wash it off with mild soap and water and pat dry. You can also use a jewelry polishing cloth (just be gentle if your jewelry has any charms attached.)

3. FOR VERY TARNISHED JEWELRY- You can always send jewelry to us for polishing at no charge, we’ll give it some attention with our special sandpapers and other pro polishing tools (we just ask you to pay shipping)

4. OTHER TIPS- Brass can tarnish in response to moisture and air exposure, so storing it in a sealed jewelry box can also reduce tarnishing!

Feel free to let us know if you have questions!